Pedestal Base Attachment

Tools Needed:
• Phillips head screw driver

1. Remove all packing material from the base. Assemble per instructions if needed.

2. Remove the packing material from the bottom of the table. You may leave the table
face down in the box when attaching the base. If table is removed from the box,
place face down on a clean flat surface. (If you are assembling an extension table,
make sure the leaf is removed and the two half tops are firmly together prior to
attaching the base.)

3. Turn base upside down and place onto the table slides (extension table) or cleats
(fixed size table). Line up hole circled on base top plate to hole circled on slide or
cleat. (see diagram) Adjust base so that the remained of the holes in the top plate are
centered over the holes in the slide or cleat.

4. Drive in the #10 x 1 ½” screws provided in your hardware pack.

5. Carefully turn the table upright. (Best done with 2 people, one at each end.)